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Popular Chinese Stone Materials For Paving Stone


Generally speaking, we know the Chinese stone is most popular for paving stone. There not just it is cheap, but also as in stable color too. In addition, we know the Chinese stone suppliers mostly with fast delivery time.

What is popular stone materials for use paving stone?

At first, we know there has many materials can do it.For example, Chinese granite, Chinese basalt and Chinese blue limestone all can do. Meanwhile,we know the paving stone mainly used for outdoor pavement. Whatever it is in any where. The peoples always like use high hardness and cheap stone to produce.

Is there has any other stone materials can choose?

Yes, of course. There always with rich stone materials can choose. For example, there also has porphyry stone,etc. The peoples can let us know what type do you need, we will always give you advise too. Some peoples said that Chinese marble also can do. But we know the marble material is soft,that not suitable for paving stone too.

Generally speaking, the Indian granite and Vietnam stone also with advantages too. We know some Chinese stone quarry is stop. The supply is not fast. By the way, the Indian stone still with stable supply too. The customers can choose it as own demand.


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