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Is There Has Good Red Granite Paving Stone From China?


The popular Granite paving stone in rich colors and the peoples can choose it from around the world. In some special stone project, the peoples need to use red granite paving stone product for outdoor pavement use,but do we has enough raw stone red granite materials to choose, and there has many more good materials?

Chinese Granite almost the best choice for the natural paving stone product,in those rich materials, the red granite is a special but popular stone material. In the China, there with more than 10 types red granite that can be used for paving stone produce, but just few types good red granite paving stone with high quality and long time use.

There with g562 granite, g617, and guilin red, tianshan red, and some other red Chinese granite materials that suitable for use paving stone produce. The product always do in flamed, honed, polish, sandblast surface,etc. So, if you are looking good quality red granite paving stone, welcome choose from China.

red granite paving stone

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