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Golden Sandstone Surface Choose


We know that the Golden Sandstone is a famous type of sandstone from China. Indeed, there with many various color and shapes. For example, the popular Chinese sandstone with red, white, purple and black color. Especially, the Golden Sandstone also belongs it,and it is with widely application.

Where do we can use Golden sandstone material and product? In general, this color of sandstone can be produce in many shapes. For example, the products has Golden sandstone paving stone, and wall cladding tiles, and other shapes. In general, the golden sandstone products also in various surface too. Such as the polish,honed and sawn cut surface etc.

How to use this kind of Golden Sandstone products? and what surface choose? For instance, when we do sandstone paving stone,the popular surface in sawn cut. In addition, if there done in sandstone wall cladding tiles, the surface often in polish and honed,etc. Of course, this type of product always in customs produce depends on customers request.

Golden Sandstone Surface

Golden Sandstone Surface

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