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G654 Paving Stone And G603 Paving Stone Compare


When customers looking paving stone products, mostly projects need stable performance raw material, but the paving stone price and cost is also very important too. We are always looking cheap paving stone for projects use, and in this filed, the grey granite paving stone mostly in cheap price and big quantity supply, today, we are compare both most popular type G654 Granite Paving and G603 Granite Paving product.

1 Color is similar,but not same

The g654 granite paving stone is dark grey color, whatever it is do in polish, flamed surface, and the g603 granite paving stone in light grey color.

2 Cheap price

The g654 granite paving stone is most cheap dark grey color in the China, and the g603 granite paving stone is most cheap light grey color.

3 Stable quality

The both product all in very stable quality, you can use it to the outdoor pavements projects in big quantity

4 Big quantity supply

Those 2 materials has many types there including new and old origin type, even old quarry stop, but the new materials also in stable supply now.

Do you know both granite paving stone same and difference now?

g654 granite paving stone

g603 granite paving stone

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