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    The Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone in cut to size and its in flamed treat. This Blue Limestone Cobblestone products mainly used for outdoor paves. The limestone cobblestone also can be use other stone material too, this product in cheap price and high hardness

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    The blue limestone flamed surface always popualr and its can be used for many products.This Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone is a  nice limestone paving stone products,the raw material is blue limestone from Jiaxiang ,the products in flamed treatment, and the color is blue. The Blue Limestone Cobblestone can be produce in various types surface treatment, this surface is flamed . As the blue limestone material with high hardness that can be used for many types projects for long time. Cheap price, stable quality always is most important items to select paving cobblestone products.As the important type of cobblestone paves, the Blue Limestone Cobblestone also can be do in other surface and styles

    When we looking a high quality Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone  products, the customer have to know what is important items should be know and pay more attention. The different stone materials also with different features and price. This Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone has export and used for many projects, the customers with good feedback. You can use this Blue Limestone Cobblestone to the home garden,yard, and park, plaza,etc.

    The Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone popular sizes in  5/20cm ,other sizes also can be customs produce as customer request too

    Products: Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone
    Material Blue Limestone
    Size: 5/8/60/10/20cm length,etc
    NO YFGP0012
    Finish Flamed
    W/A <0.5%
    Colors Blue
    Packing: Packed by standard cartons, then in wooden boxs
    Usage: Suitable for home, high grade office buildings, high-grade hotel, airport, shopping mall, deluxe clubs outdoor paving stone
    Payment: 30% T/T deposit +Balance 70% T/T before loading
    Deliver time: within 20 days after receiving deposit and depends on Qty

    The Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone with rich size and popular sizes in 5/10/15/80/20cm length,etc,the other customs size also can be produce too.

    The Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone loading is depends on the container weight limit, the most popular is container in 27 tons,and 10m3,then this Blue Limestone Cobblestone detailed loading is:

    For thickness 100mm or 4inch 100m2/container----- thickness 90mm or 3 1/2inch es 110m2/container-----thickness 80mm or 3inches120m2/container-----thickness 60mm or 2 1/3inches 160m2/container-----thickness 50mm or 2inches 200m2/container-----thickness 30mm or 1 1/5inch 300m2/container.-----thickness 20mm 500m2/container.

    TheBlue Limestone Cobblestone popular surface in various shapes, this Flamed Blue Limestone Cobblestone  in flamed surface, the other surface has grid, split,sawn, Polish,Tumbled,Pineapple,sandblast,etc

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