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Bush Hammered Sandstone Tiles Choose


In the market, we know that the sandstone with rich types,that also includes various colors too. As a professional Chinese Sandstone factory, YunfuStone mainly introduce some China Sandstone products. We know the different surface that will make the sandstone with various feature and looks too. For example, the popular type with polish,honed, and flamed, bush hammered. In those surface types, Bush Hammered Sandstone Tiles play important role at the construction projects. Today, we want to introduce it here.

In general, the Sandstone most popular surface in honed, saw cut,etc. Of course, for meet more different projects demand, there also with other special surface types too. Bush hammered Sandstone Tiles is popular in market now. Indeed, our factory has produce and export this type of products in various colors and size list. For example, the popular type includes Yellow Sandstone Tiles, Beige, White Sandstone Tiles, and other colors can choose,etc. When we ready to choose sandstone for construction, we have to know the projects demand and material feature too.

Generally speaking, the Bush Hammered Sandstone Tiles mainly used for outdoor paving stone and wall cladding tiles,etc. Those projects all used for outdoor application. That should be check the material is suitable for outdoor or not. Indeed, the most Chinese Sandstone that is a good material for outdoor projects. In addition, the bush hammered surface that also can make the sandstone tiles products with special looks and very good performance too.

Bush Hammered Red Sandstone Flooring

Bush Hammered Red Sandstone Flooring

Bush Hammered Beige Sandstone Tiles

Bush Hammered Beige Sandstone Tiles

Bush Hammered Blue Limestone Paves

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