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Black Sandstone Popular Size List


In the China, the sandstone material also is very important stone material too. Indeed, the popular sandstone also export to many countries too.For instance, export to Australia, New Zealand, and European markets too. Why more and more peoples like Chinese Sandstone. Today we are mainly introduce a special color black sandstone feature.

Generally speaking, the black sandstone can cut in rich size and shapes. At the market, the peoples often cut it in paving stone, wall cladding tiles.In addition, it is also can do in sandstone sculpture and carvings products too.Such as sandstone column, and sandstone figure statue,etc.

The Chinese black sandstone with half slabs and cut to size tiles.The slabs popular size in 180cm up by 60cm and 70cm,80cm,etc. Meanwhile, the cut to size tiles size in 30cm,40cm,50cm,60cm,80cm,and 100cm, or bigger size,etc. Welcome contact with us to get more detailed about black sandstone.


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