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About Chinese Sandstone Distribution


The Chinese sandstone also is very popular in market now. In general, we know that the most famous sandstone from Australia. That material with very good physical performance and rich colors choose. Developing with world business, more and more peoples start to like China Sandstone materials too.

Where mainly located of Chinese Sandstone in China? Generally speaking, we know the Chinese stone materials also in rich too. Especially Chinese granite famous around the world. In the China, if you want to buy sandstone,we can check 3 places in mainly. For example, first place is Yunnan province. This place mainly produce some high quality and beautiful yellow sandstone and wood yellow sandstone. Secondly place is Sichuan, this place with rich colors and most famous sandstone origin now. Finally, the Shandong province also is famous now. There also can supply very good materials too.

Chinese Sandstone

Chinese Sandstone

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